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Fencing Werribee

Fencing is a very important aspect of the Australian home. It serves multiple purposes, primarily for safety and security. Fences, gates, and enclosures are usually built in order to prevent unwanted trespassers from entering your property without permission. They are also installed in order to promote more privacy in your homes without the onlookers oogling for whatever is happening inside. More importantly, special enclosures like pool fences are installed in order to mitigate the risk of drowning children and pets who might fall off the pool without adult supervision. Security and privacy are so important that it is very important that your fences are built properly and comply with all relevant standards and regulations to make sure that they perform their functions properly and keep you and your family safe. 

Here at Werribee Fencing Pros, we build, design, and install high-quality, standard-compliant, and aesthetically superior fences and gates at a competitive rate. Our team is composed of competent, trained, licensed, and insured fencing professionals who have spent years and years of their lives to developed their skills and techniques to provide a better service to the people of Werribee. We specialise in:

For more than 16 years, we have built a reputation for quality through our client-first policy, allowing us to make sure that with everything that we do, your satisfaction is always our goal. Contact us today at (03) 8771 4113 to talk to one of our expert fencing installers and explore all the available options we have for you. 

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Professional builders

All of the builders, installers, and designers from Werribee Fencing Pros are trained, vetted, licensed, and insured in order to provide you with the best quality work.


We understand that even the simplest fencing project can cost substantially for many people. This is the reason why we make sure that we work within your budget and explore alternatives to provide more value to the money you spent.

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Reliable and Timely

We take our job very seriously. For more than 16 years, Werribee Fencing Pros has delivered reliable fencing solutions from design, installation, and maintenance on a timely manner and without delay.


Fences play a vital role in protecting your family and properties safely as well as preserving your privacy. This is the reason why it is important that all of your fences comply with regulations and standards that are in place.

our Services

At Werribee Fencing Pros, we provide a variety of fencing solutions. We can install fences and enclosures of different heights, sizes, and materials including glass, aluminium, timber, and colorbonds. Check out our list of services below. 

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Colorbond Fencing

Colorbond has become a popular fencing material in Australia because of its sleek design and contemporary and minimalist vibe. This fire-resistant material provides a secured enclosure while improving the overall aesthetic of your property. 

Pool fencing

Pools pose a great risk and danger, especially for kids and pets. This is the reason why Australia has made it mandatory for pool owners to enclose their pools with sturdy fences to avoid the risk of accidental drowning due to unsupervised swimming. 

pool with aluminum fence barricade | Werribee Fencing Pros
black timber fence overlooking the sky | Werribee Fencing Pros

TIMBER fencing

Timber has been used as a fencing material since time immemorial. It is inexpensive and easy to work with, making it the most in-demand low-end fencing material in the market. 

Aluminium fencing

Creating a perfect balance among versatility, cost, and customizability allows aluminium to become one of the most popular fencing materials in the market today. It comes in different styles and sizes, perfect for everyone no matter what your preferences are. 

dainty dark colored aluminum fencing | Werribee Fencing Pros
backyard with a cool glass enclosure fencing | Werribee Fencing Pros


Many Australians frowned on the idea of a pool enclosure because they usually turn into an unwanted eyesore especially when you have spent so much to create beautiful landscape designs. Glass pool fencing solves this problem with its transparency that allows you to still see the view clearly. 


What people say?

Werribee Fencing Pros is a very kind, respectful, and skilled fencing contractor that we have worked with in the last few years. Their fence installers know what they are doing. Highly recommended!
Amanda Lee
The guys from WFP definitely know what they are doing. I am very happy with the glass pool fence they made for my home. It's very beautiful and I wager for it to last a very long time! Thanks!
Adam Cheise
We are very happy with your service. We have always wanted to have a high colorbond fence but the last contractor we inquired with offered it at a very high cost. You are a life-saver.
Jason Go

Colorbond® Fencing in Werribee

For the last few decades, minimalistic and contemporary design has become very popular in Australia. People’s obsession with sleek lines and solid colour has brought Colorbond to the forefront of the fencing market. Colorbond allows you to have a sophisticated and minimalist aesthetic while maintaining the stability and durability of your fences and gates. Being one of the most modern approaches to fencing, Colorbond fencing has its own set of advantages. 

First, the Colorbond fences are very strong. They are made of steel that doesn’t rot nor get infested by termites, providing you with the longevity that you need when having fences built. Furthermore, Colorbond steel is fire-resistant so you don’t have to worry about it catching fire, whatsoever. More importantly, they come in 14 different colours and various steel designs, so there’s one that fits your preference. Call us today to learn more about the different Colorbond fencing options here at WFP. 

full stretch green colorbond fence
backyard with a lawn and a pool separated by glass fence | Werribee Fencing Pros

Pool Fencing in Werribee

Pools can pose a great risk and danger for homes with children and pets. Water, no matter how deep, can be potentially dangerous when they fall off or swim without adult supervision. With this associated risk, it has become mandatory in Australia to have a secured and durable pool enclosure and fence when you have a pool. While many Australians frown on this idea when it started, the market has come up with ingenious ideas in order to assimilate pool enclosures in landscape designs and pool aesthetics. 

There are different materials that can be used to enclose a pool with a sturdy fence. The most popular is aluminium. Aluminium, being one of the most versatile fencing materials in the market, can be customized to fit in your pool aesthetics while keeping your family and pets safe from unintentional drowning. On the other hand, glass also makes a great material for pool enclosures because it still allows you to see the beauty of the pool and the landscape around it without obscuring the view. Nonetheless, for pool fences, the materials are only half the story. Installing it properly is what makes sure that it does its job. Call us today to discuss what we can do for you!


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes! Before we start with any project, we provide a reasonable and accurate quotation and cost estimate to our clients. If you want to get an estimate for your specific project, call our hotline today so one of our experts can assess your building requirements and provide you with a cost estimate today!

Yes, we do! We can supply predesigned fencing and gates but you can also request to have your fences customised to your own design and preferences. We can customise panels with different styles, colours, designs, and materials. Call us today and explore all the options we have for you!

Your pool fences and enclosures should comply to the standards set forth by the government to make sure that your children and pets are safe. If you suspect that your pool fences are not compliant to regulations, call our hotline so one of our experts can visit your location, assess your pool fence, and give advise on how you can get your enclosures to comply with all relevant standards. 

The answer to this question is depending on where your fence is going to be (at the front of your property, facing the main road, in between you and a neighbor). Different cities and areas have different rules regarding maximum fence heights. That is why it is important to contact your local council before having a fence made to make sure that you comply to the rules and regulations of your area. 

Yes, we do! Taking your old fence out in order to build a new one can cost around $15 per meter of fencing. However, this amount should come in your billing estimate when you request for one. 

You can contact us in different ways. You can request for a quote using this form or you can send us an email at [email protected] For a faster transaction, we recommend that you call us at (03) 8771 4113
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