Glass Pool Fencing in Werribee

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Glass Pool Fencing in Werribee

You’re probably looking for the best pool fencing option that will suit your lifestyle and style. If you want elegant pool fencing, you should consider glass pool fencing. Aside from making your home look more luxurious, it also makes your pool area look more spacious.

Glass pool fencing is becoming a popular option for homeowners. Simply because it’s an excellent fencing material and is safe around children and pets. You’ll also get the privilege to enjoy the view without your fence blocking it.

You won’t need to find a reliable contractor anymore! We are the leading fencing company in Werribee. We provide high-quality glass pool fencing to keep your family safe from pool-related accidents.

Pool fencing will prevent pool-related accidents such as drowning or pool entrapment. If you have little children, they are at higher risk of drowning. Most drowning accidents are left unnoticed because it happens in just a snap. Slipping and falling into the pool can also cause serious injuries or even death. Installing pool fencing will prevent these kinds of accidents from happening.


Reliable and Timely

We take our job very seriously. For more than 16 years, Werribee Fencing Experts has delivered reliable fencing solutions from design, installation, and maintenance on a timely manner and without delay.


We understand that even the simplest fencing project can cost substantially for many people. This is the reason why we make sure that we work within your budget and explore alternatives to provide more value to the money you spent.

Professional builders

All of the builders, installers, and designers from Werribee Fencing Experts are trained, vetted, licensed, and insured in order to provide you with the best quality work.

Types of Glass Pool Fencing

Glass pool fencing has two common types—frameless and semi-frameless. Both are excellent when it comes to durability and performance. The only difference is the cost and style. If you prefer a more spacious look, then we suggest going for frameless glass fencing. If budget would be an issue down the road, you can choose semi-frameless glass for a cheaper option.

Semi-Frameless Glass

Semi-frameless glass is less expensive because it’s only about 10mm thick. It is normally supported by a metal railing.

Frameless Glass

Frameless glass is thicker and more expensive. The good thing is, you won’t have anything to block the view such as metal railings.

What Glass Pool Fencing Has to Offer

Glass pool fencing is becoming trendy and popular because of the benefits it has to offer. 

  • Your pool area will look more spacious
  • Glass fences won’t block your relaxing and beautiful view
  • It can easily blend in any design or style
  • It increases your property’s value
  • It’s durable and long-lasting even when exposed to the harsh weather conditions
  • It gives your home a luxurious and elegant look
  • Has minimal gaps in between, preventing children from climbing over the fence
  • Prevents serious injuries caused by pool-related accidents

Glass Pool Fencing Service in Werribee

Glass pool fences should be installed accurately and properly to ensure that it’s safe, sturdy, and long-lasting. Hiring reliable and trustworthy contractors will give you peace of mind. Our team of fencing experts have years of experience and a proven track record.

At Werribee Fencing Experts, our glass pool fencing is made with the finest materials available in the market. We make sure that our glass fence will pass the Australian safety standards. The glass fences we installed stand the test of time.

Your satisfaction and safety is our utmost priority. We make sure to listen to your plans and suggestions to make your glass pool fencing reflect your lifestyle. We also give professional advice if needed.