Glass Pool Fencing and What to Consider When Getting Them

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A pool can be one of many different eye-catching features to have on your property and can deliver different pros and cons for you. By having a pool installed though, you will also want to consider having fencing for where you will have it installed. Not only does it act as a boundary for the space, but it can maximize the space and add extra visual appeal. There are different fencing options for your pool but for one that can both provide a boundary as well as give a unique look for your pool space, you will want to have a glass pool fencing.

Why Glass Pool Fencing

What makes glass pool fencing different from other types of fencing is that it provides an unobstructed view of your pool with a durable material that you can rely on. To add to this, it can help maximize the look of your yard and act as a protective measure for any pets or children you may have. Before you decide on having this fence type though, there are different factors that you will want to consider first.

Glass Pool Fencing Considerations

There are different points that can help in the planning stage of your glass pool fence installation and determine what can work for your pool area. Some of the more important factors to note are as follows:

Local Standards

One of the first things that you will want to check before you make any plans involving a glass pool fence is if your choice of panels meets your local quality standards and criteria. Depending on your area, there are different requirements you will want to check to avoid any future issues if not properly adhered to. In addition, it is crucial to ensure that you have only high-quality glass panels that pass all criteria because they improve durability by a significant margin.

Width and Height

With any type of fence you decide on, general heights and widths of your choice of material can help determine how you can have it laid out in your choice of space. For glass pool fences, they are usually 1200mm high. As for their width, it can depend on your choice of style but a semi-frameless glass pool fence is usually between 1600mm to 1800mm in width, while frameless glass installations range from 1800mm to 1900mm wide.

The Thickness of the Glass

Glass panel thickness generally ranges from 6mm to 12mm but you do have the option to customize it. You can have it modified and customized to up to 18mm thickness. When you make a decision to customize though, you will want to keep in mind that there are two types of installations and both handle different amounts of thickness. These types are frameless and semi-frameless. With the former, you have a range of 12mm-18mm thick while the latter has a maximum of 10mm thick. If you are looking for something that can stand well against elements like a storm, you will want to go for thicker glass.

How Werribee Fencing Can Help

While glass pool fencing has different factors you can consider to help determine what kind of glass pool fencing works for your pool area, having a professional service group to consult can help provide the best fitting option. When you pick a team like Werribee Fencing, you can be assured of quality options that can meet any fencing needs and deliver satisfying results.


Glass pool fencing can be a unique choice for your pool given how it can provide both an unobstructed view and help maximize the area. Before you make any plans with this fence type, however, there are factors like the local standards to the thickness of the glass to consider first. As versatile as fencing can be, knowing different points to help find the best fit can help prevent any future problems and result in a quality finish. Contact our team of fencing contractors today to discover the ways in which we can assist you!