How To Prepare Your Fence for Spring

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Your outdoor space can hold a number of different features depending on what you are looking for but out of those different structures, fencing is one of the first things you see on a property. Fences can make for a stylish and functional boundary for your property with a range of options that you can choose from. Depending on how it was made, your fence can stand against different elements while presenting a visual appeal.

One of the main elements that can affect your fencing is the weather, especially during certain seasons. There are different ways that you can have your fence maintained throughout different seasons. Out of the different seasonal times, you will want to look out for, is the time from winter to spring that you will need to make note of.

Points For Preparing Your Fence

There are different ways that you can have your fence ready for the spring season so it is not too affected by the weather transition. Some of the top points for this kind of situation generally apply to timber fencing type of material but keeping these in mind can help in the long run:


A good first step in ensuring your fence can deal with the change in seasons is to thoroughly inspect the current state of your fence. It would be good to watch out for any peeling, chipping, damaged boards or posts, along with damaged latches and any other problems that may need noting. This can help prevent any damage from the winter season from growing further once spring comes in full bloom.

Power Clean/Weigh Wash

Cleaning your fence generally involves using a mild detergent and warm water. On the chance that your fence has been left alone for the winter season, it is advised to either pressure wash or have weight washing done depending on the length of grime/dirt on the structure. However, it is also advised to be careful with these cleaning methods and to never utilize heated water on your fence.

Check on the Landscape and Sealing

One of the main things that can affect your fence during the shift from winter to spring is the landscape. It would be best to prune any trees that could affect the structure along with keeping vegetation from growing near it. Another thing to help keep your fence sustained through the shifting seasons is to check on the sealing and see a need for reapplication to help prevent any blemishes to the fence.

There are different ways that you can have your fencing prepared for the spring season even outside the noted points. If the labour seems a bit much for you or you would prefer a professional service group to assist you with long-lasting results, then you will want to consider Werribee Fencing.

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Your fence is one of the first things that is seen on your property and one of the different outdoor structures that face different shifting seasons. If it involves the winter to spring shift, there are different ways to have your fence maintained and able to deal with the temperature change. From inspections to resealing, taking care of your fence no matter the season can provide a lot in the long run. Elevate your property’s security and aesthetics with the best fencing contractors in Werribee.