When to Know You Need to Repair or Renovate Your Fencing

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The fencing of your home is something that can come in a variety of styles and materials, some of them more durable than others. However, no matter how durable a material is, there may be certain situations that may affect your fencing that will result in a consideration for either repair or renovation. Determining what your fencing may need depends on a number of different factors, most caused by the passage of time. Generally, you can boil it down to cost and longevity but it’s always good to note what to look out for.

Fence Issues for Repairs

There are a number of different factors that determine that your fence may just need repairs rather than an outright replacement. Most of them depend on the type of fencing that you have chosen and are as follows:

Timber Fence Issues

Some of the more common issues that you will find with timber fencing involve insects, moisture, and other environmental factors. Indicators for repair include discolouration, warping, or splintering. With the proper inspection, you can medicate these issues by redirecting pooling water or exterminating wood-destroying insects. For issues like holes a cracks, a general repair solution would be applying wood filler or putty.

Vinyl Fence Issues

As a fence that requires little to no maintenance, vinyl fences’ main damages would be from being subjected to the weight of heavy winter snows or hit by a vehicle, large pieces of debris, or equipment. The biggest issue that a vinyl fence may have is cracking. Checking on the state of this fencing can help mitigate any damages rather than fully replacing it.

Aluminum Fence Issues

Aluminum fences are one of the more durable fences to have for your home and the main issue that can be found with it is unsteady posts. A loose post due to soil erosion can be steadied with some backfill of either soil or gravel. A general way to help with this is to apply a t-brace which can make the area stronger and more functional.

When Fencing Needs Replacement

A general rule of thumb that you will want to follow is to replace a fence when more than 20% of the fence requires repairs. This rule may differ with different materials and should be applied in combination with a cost comparison. If you find that replacing the fence is significantly more expensive than repairs, even if 20% of your fence is damaged, you may want to try to keep your current fence. When it comes to fully discerning what is the best course for your fencing, it is recommended to go for a professional service team.

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There are a number of different options that come with fencing but no matter what you decide on, there is the chance of it gaining some damage over time and will need consideration for either repair or replacement. The most common factors that indicate either are the amount of damage and cost. A more concrete way to tell is what is called the 20% rule of thumb and would best be inspected by a professional service. One service to consider is Werribee Fencing for their experience but depending on the state of your fence, there can be many things that can be done. Call our fencing experts today to see how we can help!